Silvana and The Pack

My always fulfilled promise to you is that your pet will be safe, loved and understood while in my care

How I take care of your companion:

I teach my dogs to trust and obey me by never being harsh with them, by always rewarding every positive response, and by respecting their nature. I get to know each dog as an individual and I communicate my orders effectively and gently.


During the walk I keep a very careful eye on my dogs and am able to anticipate their moves and to gently but firmly control their actions, even at a distance.


While in transit dogs are harnessed and restrained to make sure of their safety.


I have installed safety devices in my vehicle, in accordance with the bylaw 


We provide a wide range of services that will keep you and your pets happy!
Call or Text (403) 608-5629
Dog Walking

Calgary has many, beautiful off leash dog parks. I choose the park where I walk my dogs according to the weather and the dogs I’m walking on any particular day.  One of my favourite parks is Edworthy, located near Sarcee Trail. This is a very large park with lots of trees and paths.


We visit your dog for a comfort break or, with some dogs, for company that some dogs love to have. We may spend enough time for the dog to relieve itself – around 1/2 hour, or longer time as needed.

cat care

Your cat needs to be taken care of by a human who understands her wants and has the appropriate respect. We’re on it!

Are you thinking of getting a puppy? With more than twenty years’ experience in dog-human relationships, we can help you choose the right puppy to fit in with your lifestyle and requirements to ensure a lifetime of joy and love. Also, we can help with basic puppy training and care.

If you need your pet to be taken to the groomer, or the vet, or wherever in the Calgary area – we have a large, comfortable, safe, clean, heated & air-conditioned vehicle to accommodate your due-baby. While in transit, your dog will wear a seat belt for safety.

We stay at your home overnight to take care of all your pet’s needs when you are away. Or, you may wish to schedule visits for mail collection, plant care, lights, or any other service.

We take good care of your companions! Schedule a meet and greet right here on our site, or to make any pet services appointment.


The fastest way to get in touch is to call or text 403-608-5629

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Silvana not only walks my dog, but takes an exceptional interest around her wellbeing and behavior around people and other dogs. I can rest certain that my house and my dog are well taken care of when I am away for a day or a week. I highly recommend Silvana as a dog care professional.

Robert M.

Silvana started taking care of our dog when he was a puppy, and they have formed a very special bond. She takes great interest in our dog’s behaviour and physical health and communicates with us promptly. I can recommend Silvana and her services without hesitation.

Pamela M.

Silvana has provided dog walking services and stayed at my house. My dog has a serious health condition and Silvana watches for signs of his illness and keeps me informed. When we encountered her in the dog park it has been very apparent that my dog loves her very much and that she treats him very well. She cares for my cats with the same attention. I feel very fortunate to have her help and would most definitely recommend Silvana as a dog walker.

Melanie C.

Silvana has been taking care of my dog for over three years. She is obviously an animal lover and my dog loves her dearly. She really understands animals and has a way with them. I know that when she takes care of my dog, he is well looked after, safe and loved.

Anne P.