Cats are believed to be solitary animals, but there are records of cats living in harmony in large groups, and multi-cat owners often have a number of cats living together without problems.

Cats may be convinced, died in the wool loners or friendly, personable and sociable little individuals.

Many cats need very little attention from the carer.  I have worked with cats which I never saw.  I would get in the house, call the cat and receive no reply, change the water, clean the food dish and refill it and clean the litter box and leave without having seen hide nor hair of the cat in spite of calling it and trying to entice it with offer of treats.

I have also known affectionate, sweet cats who run to the door meowing and want interaction, petting, playing and attention.  The thing a lot of cats love the most is when I bring my own lunch and we share it.  They want to cuddle and sleep close to me, but invariably, even the friendliest cat eventually dismisses me. They decide when the visit is over, they stop whatever we are doing together and leave!

That’s cats for you!