Frequently Asked Questions

Edworthy Park, at the NE intersection of Sarcee Tr. And Bow Tr., in Wildwood. River Park, at the S end of 14 St., in Altadore. Sandy Beach (aka Riverdale Park) at the end of Riverdale Ave., in Elbow Park.

We walk for an hour or more, counted from our arrival in the park to our leaving the park.  The exact length of the walk is determined by weather conditions.

Yes, and they are kept on long leash until their recall is 100% reliable. Puppy service rates are applied until the puppy has good recall.

No, we accept dogs 12” at the shoulder or smaller.  In our experience, separating dog sizes makes for a more relaxed atmosphere, both in transport and during the walk.

The combination vaccine: against distemper parvovirus adenovirus and parainfluenza, rabies and kennel cough. These vaccines are administered routinely by vets. City of Calgary dog permit.  All these must of course be up to date

I teach my dogs to respond to my voice commands promptly and regardless of distance to keep them safe and relaxed. No harsh corrections are ever used to teach the dogs to trust me and obey me absolutely.  I am not a certified dog trainer.

About half an hour or longer, enough for the dog to relieve him/herself completely and without rushing.

Yes, I can give dogs medication by mouth or by sub-cutaneous injection.  Cats are not always receptive to medication by mouth. I do give them sub-cutaneous injections.

We accept payment by cash, cheque or e-transfer, whatever is convenient.  Payment can be made by the week or by the month. For occasional services, payment is due when services are rendered.