When people are away for work or holidays, the best way to take care of their dog is to leave the dog at home and have a caregiver come and live in the house with the dog.  This way, the dog is in his home, has no stress from abandoning his territory or from being put in the vicinity of other dogs whom he does not know or perhaps doesn’t like.

It is easy for an experienced dog caregiver such as myself to gain the confidence, trust and love of a dog.  Dogs know who loves them instinctively and quickly feel at ease and relaxed with the right caregiver.

When I house sit for you I sleep in the room I am assigned, with the dog near me or on my bed if that is your habit.  I keep to your routine exactly as described by you.  I repeat all your actions, as this is a great comfort to the dog.  I will give the dog a good walk every day, alone or with other dogs depending on the dog’s preference.  I will feed his usual meals at the usual time and be a reassuring, loving presence until you go back home.  I will leave notes of all that happened in your absence.