Pet Services in Calgary

Pet Services in Calgary

Oct 17, 2021 Comments0

Having a dog in your life can be a great, enriching experience because dogs give us total loyalty and unconditional love.  However, let’s face it, it can also be a perplexing, frustrating, maddening experience. And when that happens, it is usually the dog that pays the price. It is either confined, banned from the house altogether, or relinquished to a pound where more than likely it will be euthanized. All this can be avoided by choosing the right dog for you. The right dog can be lots of fun.

At Bow Wow and Meow, we love dogs and would like to offer our pet services to help you find the best dog for you.

When thinking about getting a dog, we should first ask us the following questions:

Why do we want a dog, i.e. what place will the dog have in our life?

What is our lifestyle? Very active, moderately active, sedentary.  How much time do we spend at home?  Do we travel often?

How much experience do we have in handling a dog?

If this sounds too complicated, it isn’t really, and we at Bow Wow & Meow put our knowledge and experience in pet services at your disposal to help you choose the right dog that will give years of enjoyment, loyal friendship and unconditional love.

If you have a dog, and have some problems with it, or feel that you cannot dedicate enough time to your pet, we can help you with dog training to sort out behavioural issues that your dog may have.

Pet services can prevent many problems and our dog training can help solve behavioural problems.  A lot of people are under the impression that dog training is a harsh method to make dogs do things that they don’t want to do.  I reality the best form of dog training, which we practice at Bow Wow & Meow is gentle and positive and is based in knowledge and understanding. Dog training is accomplished in cooperation with the owner, and requires consistency, patience and an understanding of dog behavior and needs.

All dogs need a certain amount of daily exercise, but not all dogs require the same amount.  Pet services can help you choose a dog that fits in with your exercise routine.  On the other hand, if you have a dog and find that you don’t have enough time to give it the attention it needs, our dog walking services can step in.  Many behavioural problems can be solved with the right amount of exercise.

Dogs and cats are creatures of habit and prefer to follow a set routine with regards to meals and walks and many value their personal belongings as well so you need an understanding, professional pet care giver to care of your pet at all times when you are unable to do so.  If your pet requires special care or drug administration, a cat care and dog care service provider can see to it that your pet’s health is not compromised in any way and you pet is treated with understanding and respect.