We can help you choose the right fit if you are looking to get a new puppy or any other dog.

Before you acquire a puppy, or any new dog, it is strongly advised that you look at your lifestyle and find a dog whose level of energy, character and emotional needs are a good match to yours. Also, the level of your experience in handling dogs is a very important consideration.  E.g. it would not be useful to choose a dog that fits with your lifestyle but it belongs to a breed that requires a knowledgeable owner if this is your first ever dog.  While all dogs are individuals and there can be marked differences between dogs of the same breed or mix of breeds, there are certain characteristics that are predictably associated with certain breeds. An experienced dog caregiver can give you advice in this area.

If you have a very active lifestyle with lots of outdoor activity you will get the most satisfaction from a dog with high energy and who loves challenge and the outdoors.

If you prefer a quiet life with not a lot of outdoor activities and a mostly peace and quiet, there are many breeds who will take to this lifestyle and be very happy and give you great satisfaction and joy. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is never to choose a dog by its looks.  Whereas some of us choose mates at least in part by looks, the relationship of owner and dog is too intimate and important lo leave it to appearances.

I can give you general ideas of the breed type that will fit best with your lifestyle.  But for actually picking a dog there are criteria that help to predict with some accuracy the behaviour of a dog.

I have talked mainly of breeds but mixed breed dogs exhibit the same characteristics as pure bred and can be assessed as to temperament and behaviour in the same way.

I would beg prospective dog owners to never ever get a dog from a pet shop. These puppies are almost always the product of those terrible places, puppy mills. They have suffered greatly, have been brought up in horrible conditions and are the result of total mistreatment and abuse of the parents. They are damaged goods. Most of them have behavioural problems that are almost impossible to heal. They also often have physical problems that show up later in life and may be heartbreaking as well as very costly. It is far better to get a dog from a dog pound or any dog rescue group.  These dogs have been assessed as to character and behaviour before they are put up for adoption and are very likely to be extremely grateful and loving towards their adopter. 

Also, remember that by buying a dog from a pet store you are contributing to the earnings of a criminal organization, and any time one of their victims is paid for it encourages these criminals to continue in their activities.